Mini Muffin

Muffin and Poppy are always extravagantly proud of their past litter. Mini Muffin – son of Muffin and Poppy at 6 weeks   Mini Muffin – son of Muffin and Poppy at 2 years old in May 2016   Mini Muffin – son of Muffin and Poppy at 2 years old in May 2016  

Eric and Angela

Hello from Eric and Angela De Souza. The De Souza family – Eric, Angela, Daniel and Amy. Lorah-Kelly and Jordan are also a part of our awesome family but have grown up and left home already. Lorah-Kelly is responsible for the stunning photography on our website through her photography business. Eric has a Computer Science […]

4 Helpful Tips For Cat Owners

1. What gets rewarded gets repeated. I’ve noticed that this can be true even for cats. You can encourage your cat to use the cat scratcher (instead of the sofa or wallpaper) merely by stroking him while using it and using affirming words such as “Good boy Muffin!” with a pleasing tone. I’ve noticed that, […]

Why Does My Cat Have Whiskers?

Elaborate Sensory Devices Whiskers are extraordinary sensory devices that help your cat interact with the world. They go deeper into your cat’s skin and connect with many more nerve endings. Whiskers are very sensitive to touch and vibrations and tell your cat a lot about the size and shape of objects in the dark, they […]

New Born Kittens Development – Week 5

British Shorthair Kittens Activity increase. The kittens’ sight is fully developed at five weeks. The kittens are also very active and confident – I often find them climbing my guitar case and bookshelf. Kittens at this stage will start exploring a lot more, often stalking, wrestling and pouncing on their littermates. The kittens may also […]