Why Does My Cat Have Whiskers?

Elaborate Sensory Devices
Whiskers are extraordinary sensory devices that help your cat interact with the world. They go deeper into your cat’s skin and connect with many more nerve endings. Whiskers are very sensitive to touch and vibrations and tell your cat a lot about the size and shape of objects in the dark, they are pathways that carry information to your cat’s brain in the same way that fingers do to humans. Never cut or remove them as your cat needs them, without their whiskers a cat may become disoriented or insecure. Whiskers fall out and re-grow naturally

Mood Detector
Whiskers can also help to identify your cat’s mood.
Relaxed and sticking out sideways = Your cat is calm.
Pushed forward = They are excited and alert.
Flattened against their cheeks = Angry or scared

Strategically Positioned
You will find whiskers on the side of your cat’s cheeks, further back on the cheeks and above the eyes. They are as long as the width of their bodies, which help gauge the width of openings in the dark. Whiskers above the eyes send signal to the brain providing blinking reflexes so that your cat can close their eyes quickly in order to prevent something from entering their eyes. Legs whiskers help your cat with prey detection and facilitate safe landing.


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