Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

Did you know that cats use parts of their body to communicate how they are feeling? Let’s look at your cat’s body language. Ears Slightly forward: “I’m very relaxed”. Straight up:  “I better stay alert and pay attention!” Slightly back: ” Not sure about that, I am getting slightly annoyed.” Turned right back: “I’m scared!” Back and flattened against head;  ”

Gift Ideas For Your Cat

Let’s face it, apart from cute, our cats are vital parts of our lives and it is with that in mind that we have compiled a list of gift ideas* for your favourite pet. Below you will find some gift ideas for your cat . PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box This item will automatically remove waste into

How To Care For Your New Kitten

This ‘How To Care For Your New Kitten’ article has been written by Muffin & Poppy themselves. This post will be updated regularly to reflect quality as well as best online prices as these are the products we buy ourselves so we recommend you bookmark this page for further reference. Look no further for great prices as Muffin &

Kitten Adoption Checklist

Muffin and Poppy are working on their Ultimate British Shorthair Guide © to help people all over the world choose and look after their British Shorthair kitten (Petal has reminded me to add that the guide will also include the Longhair version). Meanwhile, make sure you have read this checklist fully before contacting or visiting an

Why Does My Cat Have Whiskers?

Elaborate Sensory Devices Whiskers are extraordinary sensory devices that help your cat interact with the world. They go deeper into your cat’s skin and connect with many more nerve endings. Whiskers are very sensitive to touch and vibrations and tell your cat a lot about the size and shape of objects in the dark, they