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Our Autumn litters are nearly fully reserved. Please fill in our waiting list to adopt kittens from our 2021 or 2022 litters. Please note that if our Autumn 2021 litters become fully reserved we will have to move you to our 2022 list.

We work on a first come first served basis, so it’s is important to get your name on our waiting list as soon as possible. Please note that most people decide to pay their deposit straight away, therefore, the only way to secure a kitten is by filling in our Adoption Form below.  Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

For more information please refer to our FAQ page.


Buy a British Shorthair Kitten

How to book a kitten

If you don’t want to wait you can book your kitten straight away by paying a deposit. Please note that a waiting time of 6-9 months until kittens are born is very common. The details you need for this can be found in the Adoption Form below. We will then contact you as soon as the kittens are born. You can also request a viewing date before or after your booking.

  1. Arrange a viewing date and wait for an email confirmation of your booking. Please book viewing only after the kittens are born.
  2. Fill in our Adoption Form for the kitten of your choice.


What to do Before Collecting Your British Shorthair Kitten

Things you must do BEFORE collection (Please note that kittens will not be able to leave without these!)

  • Full payment must be cleared before collection by online transfer only.
  • Muffin & Poppy’s Spaying/Neutering Agreement must be completed before collection.

Information you need BEFORE collection

  • Muffin & Poppy’s Kitten Care Guide to find out about your pet’s preferences. Our FAQ page can also be helpful.
  • Please download and fill in the Transfer of Keepership form (no Petlog transfer code needed) to record a microchipped pet on the Petlog database to your name. You will need to post the filled in form to Petlog. Please note that the updated transfer price is £17.
  • Make sure that you’ve read Petplan’s Pre-Activation Documentation and Terms of Service.


A home with a British Shorthair is a happier home. Muffin & Poppy would love every loving home in the UK to have one of their gorgeous kittens. We take the well-being of our kittens very seriously so we might also ask you some questions. Here are some basic questions we might ask you. We will then proceed with your adoption application.

All our British Shorthair kittens are reared in a loving home with children. They leave GCCF Registered (non-active unless previously agreed), fully vaccinated, microchipped, health checked, dewormed, defleaed, insured for 4 weeks with Petplan, weaned, litter trained and with full pedigrees. All our kittens are fed on Royal Canin Baby Cat.

Thank you for choosing Muffin and Poppy.


What people are saying:

“Beautiful kittens, growing into healthy and loving pets. Muffin &Poppy are one of the most responsible breeders I ever come across, clearly loving and caring for their pet’s welfare. we can’t thank them enough for our Molly, we can’t imagine our house without her, she is truly the most loyal and entertaining cat we have ever had. 😀😀
Katarzyna Brooks
(September 2021)
5 star - Muffin and Poppy - British Shorthair Breeder - Pedigree Kitten for Sale

“We collected our girls a couple of days ago and really cannot fault the process from start to finish with Muffin and Poppy. Eric has been on hand to answer lots and lots of my questions. Thank you for giving us two very precious cats that we are totally in love with already 💜💜”
Samantha Quereshi
(August 2021)
5 star - Muffin and Poppy - British Shorthair Breeder - Pedigree Kitten for Sale

Beautiful kittens, amazing and responsible breeders. Cats and kittens are very well looked after
Jerri-Leigh Lane
(June 2017)
5 star - Muffin and Poppy - British Shorthair Breeder - Pedigree Kitten for Sale

No doubt they love and care for these cats. 100% stunning kittens!! Our Bluebell came back to its new home litter trained and so well behaved and settled in and can not imagine her not part of our family
Janine Cassidy
5 star - Muffin and Poppy - British Shorthair Breeder - Pedigree Kitten for Sale

Investing in a British Shorthair was the best thing we ever did. I would recommend getting one from muffin and poppy any day they were helpful and looked after the kittens so well
Gabrielle Wells
(September 2018)
5 star - Muffin and Poppy - British Shorthair Breeder - Pedigree Kitten for Sale

Our family absolutely adore our Muffin and Poppy kittens. We came across the website whilst looking for a good breeder. I liked the look and feel of the website and the care received from the breeders. We wanted to have two cats but were unsure of which sex to go for. We now have two beautiful male kittens which we picked up in December & February. Bear (Lilic) and Beau (Blue) who have the same dad but different mums.

Eric is on hand for any questions or concerns and takes excellent care of his cats/kittens. I found their website thorough in terms of helping me prepare to bring them home. It was a straight cut and paste into google and I was kitted out within 7 days.

I need to find a way of introducing a hird kitten to the home without my husband finding out. He calls me the crazy cat lady and I am ok with that ☺

You won’t be disappointed with a Muffin and Poppy cat.
Elizabeth Pickard
5 star - Muffin and Poppy - British Shorthair Breeder - Pedigree Kitten for Sale

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