New Born Kittens Development – Week 4

British Shorthair Kitten Development
British Shorthair Kitten Development

I can’t believe four weeks have passed already. A month has passed and the kittens are developing at fast speed – they do grow up too fast! At this stage you will notice the following:

1. Depth perception has developed. That’s why they cling on to you for they dear lives with their tiny claws.

2. Sense of smell is fully developed.

3. The sense of hearing is now well developed. They will run and hide if they hear a loud noise.

4. Baby teeth will start to show.

5. Kittens are learning to walk without stumbling. Some of the kittens may even start running randomly.

6. The kittens are becoming more and more active. They also look for adventure outside their kitten “cot”. They will interact more with their siblings. I’ve heard these interactions can even lead them to form “alliances” which may or may not be gender-based.

7. The mother will begin to leave her kittens for short periods of time. At this stage, you can provide a small bowl of water for the kittens to drink from.


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