10 Things You Should Do For Your New Kitten

1 – Spend plenty of time cuddling your kitten – it will help them grow up into a confident, sociable and affectionate adult.
2 – Get some toys here, to keep your kitten amused and fit.
3 – If something is worrying you, contact your vet.
4 – Make sure your kitten is introduced to human interaction as early as possible.
5 – Do get a scratching post or a scratching lounge.
6 – Make sure there is wet and dry food available to your kitten and ample supply of water.
7 – If you have other animals remember introductions should be made slowly. You can also wipe the kitten’s cheek or forehead with a cloth and rub their facial secretions along the bottom of the walls in other rooms so that other animals become used to their smell.
8 –  Watch out for household dangers such as, electric wires, electric sockets, cleaning products, pesticides, small objects such as pins and elastic bands, poisonous flowers such as lilies, holly, sweet peas, ivy, wisteria, mistletoe, azalea…
9 – Place suitable covers on electric hot plates or stove.
10 – Get your kitten its own sleeping doughnut bed.

Author: Eric De Souza

Hi, I’m Eric, and I love our British Shorthair cats. I am husband and a father and in my spare time, I like to read, play the guitar and explore the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

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