Muffin’s Diary – Cats and Cuddles

Muffin has finally given us permission to publish his authorised version of Muffin’s Diary. His musings, opinions and philosophy on life will all be shared. The intention is to inform, entertain and have a good laugh (concerning the latter, he says he is not sure). We will take you on a journey where we will see the world from a cat’s perspective. After all, Muffin just wants to make the world a happier place and is happy to do his part. We’ve asked Muffin for an excerpt, something fun and light to start off with. Muffin said that he wasn’t sure about fun and light but he was positively sure of the gravity and the utmost urgency of his subject of choice –  Cuddles!

I have been known for being a big babyish bundle of fur when comes to my mannerisms. Not sure why! What’s wrong with good old fashioned attention? The usual ol’ stroke? Humans just need to understand that they can’t just take a cuddle whenever they want, they need to be invited by us cats first. If we are in the mood,  we will allow you to cuddle us. We must, diplomatically, sniff your hand to say hello before allowing any stroking frenzy to take place. We are not dogs, we don’t salivate all over you. We are exquisite and considerate gifts to the world and we must make new acquaintances in proper fashion. Some level of much-required trust has to be established first. We are bestowed, from birth, with the most remarkable compulsion, the endless chore called inquisitiveness. That is how we meet in the most polite manner. Humans must understand that they need to move a tad slower when meeting a new feline ally. Sometimes the best thing to do is for the human to utterly ignore us and let us come to them when we become at ease around them. This is the first step. Then all the goodness of a relationship only we cats can offer will be mutually beneficial. Yes, call me babyish but I do love attention precisely behind my ear and under my chin, I can’t get enough of it. A good warm lap to rest my tired fur after an eventful day is also the most welcome treat. My human will not move a muscle thinking that the mere movement might disturb my lovely deep sleep and much-needed peace forever, so they keep those shanks unmoved for hours. Ha, let them think so, I have never disclosed a hint of the fact that we can always crawl back to the previous position. Truth be told, they absolutely need us to lay on their precious laps. On another note, I am not so keen on having their arms wrapped around me either, it makes me feel trapped somehow. I must know where to run to in case an eventuality should arise so I just prefer to lie down on their lap. This is all part of my God- given instincts coming to fruition as I grew into an older me.


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