New Born Kittens Development – Week 1

British Shorthair Kitten Development

Kittens come into the world with eyes and ears closed and will spend the first week of their lives blind and deaf. They do have the ability to make sounds from birth and can be heard making cute little mews to let their mother know they’re hungry.

During the first week of a kitten’s life, he will be concentrating on feeding and growth. There not much interaction at this stage, other than competing for their favourite nipple, where they will suckle while kneading with their little paws.   At this point you might be asking yourself a few questions, here are a few answers that might help:

1. When will the newborn kittens open their eyes? 
Their eyes will begin to open by the second week, although their vision will not be very clear at this stage. Do not force their eyes open as it could result in damage. All kittens have blue eyes at this stage.

2. When will the umbilical cord fall off? 
The umbilical cord should fall off within two or three days, but it could also take up to a week or so.

3. When should I get my kitten vaccinated?
Provided the mother has been vaccinated or has natural immunity, the kittens will receive the same immunity for the first 24-48 hours through her colostrum (first milk). They will need to receive a vaccination course at 9 and 12 weeks.

4. Should I let other animals near the newborn kittens?
Animals can be unpredictable, I have heard of male cats damaging newborn kittens, so the short answer is NO! Human interaction should also be very limited in order to not upset the kitten’s mother.


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