Do you have a GCCF Prefix?
Yes. All our kittens are pedigreed British Shorthairs, registered with the GCCF. Our GCCF prefix is MUFFINANDPOPPY and can be found on page 63 of the ‘Registered Prefixes A-M’ PDF document on the GCCF site.

Are deposits non-refundable?
Correct. We will provide at least two litter dates within the year to ensure you will have a kitten. This can sometimes take less or more time. There is a waiting element if you are using reliable breeders with a good reputation. We have waited 6-12 months for our kittens too. Please make sure you check with your landlord first, ensure you have no allergies and make sure you are happy to wait for the litter to arrive before you put a deposit down as deposits will not be refunded.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?
Yes, we do. Please let us know in advance if you would rather do that and please note that credit/debit card payments can take up to seven days to clear and will incur a small fee.

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I have paid the deposit, what happens next?

Let’s be honest, waiting is the hardest part. But if you are patient enough to wait for it you will also be patient with it. The best kitten parents are the patient ones. Also, the long waiting timeframe is very common. It’s difficult to tell 100% when the kittens are born if you will either be allocated one from the year’s first litters (Spring) or the second (Autumn). We first need to sex the kittens when they are a little older (around 2-3 weeks to be sure).  Then we will check people’s preferences according to sex and colour. After that, we then contact everyone on the list to make sure that they are ready for the new addition. It takes a couple of weeks before we start this so we do appreciate your patience. That’s why we usually give people two dates for the year. 

Do you offer delivery services?
Yes, if slots are available. We charge £2 round trip per mile from GL54.

What is the kitten’s current feeding routine?
Freshwater and dry food throughout the day.  Give your kitten wet food twice a day,  in the morning and evening, or whatever time suits you. As a kitten he/she might just need half a pouch twice a day. Increase serving portions as your kitten grows. More diet information can be found here.

At what age should they be neutered/spayed?
The traditional age for a cat spay or castration is 6 months but your vet will be able to advise you whether your kitten is developed well enough for the procedure.

What flea/worming treatment do you use? How long does the treatment last?
Our vet recommends Advocate and we apply it on the day of collection. One Advocate application will last for four weeks.

What if I cannot collect my kitten on the date they leave for their new homes?
We will happily keep your kitten up to the day of collection however, after this time we will have to charge a £10 daily boarding fee. Fees are charged for the day of arrival and of departure.

Do siblings typically sleep together?
Yes, they do.

Do I get to choose a kitten?
Yes, you will be able to add your preferences for colour(blue or lilac) and sex when you book them using our Adoption Form.

Would you suggest siblings travel together or in separate pet carriers? 
They should be fine together.

Would a kitten be okay with a long car journey?
As long as they have a comfy carrier to relax they will be fine. Chances are they will sleep for most of the journey anyway. If the journey is extremely long you might want to keep litter and water handy.

Is there a familiar blanket or toy they could take with them for reassurance?
Yes, we can get your kitten used to their beds prior to collection, please visit our shop for recommended suitable beds.  Kittens also love toys and get easily distracted by a good play session which helps them to get comfortable with their new environment.

What can you tell me about their respective characters?
They all have their own personalities, but they all love playing and are also very sociable and curious. They are also young and teachable so you can train them very easily.

Any tips for the first night which I imagine will be a little traumatic for them?
They might meow a little, but as long as they have food, water, litter, scratching post and toys they will be fine. In the case of siblings, they will also have each other to play with.

Are the kittens microchipped? Do I need to fill in and bring the Microchipping form with me when I collect the kitten?
Yes, the kittens are all microchipped. No, you don’t need to bring the Petlog form with you. You will need to wait until you receive the microchipping details when you collect the kitten. Then you will be able to fill in the form and send it to the microchipping company. The transfer costs £17.

Is there a fee to transfer the GCCF registered kitten to my name? Can this be done online?
It costs about £12 to transfer your kitten to your name with the GCCF. Yes, the transfer can be done online or by post.

I understand that the kitten will come with 4 weeks free Petplan insurance. Do you have information on how I go about extending the plan or is it a case I simply take out a new policy for when the 4 weeks expires?
The insurance company (Petplan) will get in touch with you directly.

What is included in my kitten pack?
GCCF registration card, electronic pedigree certificate, vet check and vaccination card,  microchip details and Petplan 4 week free insurance policy. Kittens leave to their new homes groomed (nails clipped, full-body brush, face washed and scented with kitten cologne), dewormed, deflead and litter trained.

Am I able to purchase accessories for my kitten from Muffin & Poppy?
Yes, you can purchase items from us by visiting our shop. If the item you are looking for is not available please contact us and we will strive to get it for you so by the time you pick up your kitten in order to get you fully equipped.

How do I get a kitten used to a new home?
Please read this article.

Can you send kittens overseas?
Yes, we can. This can be costly, about £1,000-£3,000, depending on the country you want to send them to. Delivery services are cheaper within the UK, about £600 – £ 1500, depending on where you are.

What are your opening hours?
Our booking system is open 24/7. General enquiries are open Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm. Suitable collection times can be arranged prior to the date.

Where do I find more information?
More important information can be found at www.muffinandpoppy.co.uk/nursery  and on our Top Tips page.