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You will be sent an inkless paw print kit (within 48 hours) so you can take your pet’s paw prints at home.  The kit is very easy to use and being inkless, it’s mess free!  Once you have prints upload a photo of them to the website as per the instructions or email them to and you can indicate if you have a favourite paw print.  Don’t worry if your prints smudge a little or are very furry as we have lots of experience in tidying them up so you get a nice clear print!  If you have more than one pet, take a look at the double paw print stamp too.

Stamps are approx.  35mm x 30mm and 18mm deep.

Stamps are usually ready to despatch 7 days after print approval and they are posted 1st class.

You can use a little bit of water and soap and a soft scrubbing brush to clean your stamp, but it shouldn’t need cleaning very often.


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