Personalised Cat Bowl


These portrait cat bowls make a lovely gift for any cat owner. Featuring a hand painted portrait that can be taken from either a description or a photo of your choice.

The bowls are personalized with your cat’s name on the inside of the bowl as well as a fish bone hand painted in the centre. Our signature red hearts will be on each side of the bowl.

All our pottery is made in our studio in the Cotswold countryside. The long process of painting ,glazing and firing makes each bowl fully usable and dishwasher safe.

All our paints and glazes are 100% non toxic and are safe for kitty.


15cm at base tapering to 11cm

6cm in height


Add-ons total:



Author: PurpleGlazePottery


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Our products have been individually hand painted using non-toxic underglaze paints. Each piece is then glazed and fired in a kiln to make each item usable and washable.
Treat our products with love and they will last a lifetime. Be gentle when cleaning, although dishwasher safe , the chemicals in those tablets are harsh and abrasive and pottery doesn’t like them so preferably handwash with a gentle detergent.
All our pottery is made to order so you can personalise your bowl or jar with your pet’s name. Please also include the full text you want on the jar. e.g Lucy’s Treats