New Born Kittens Development – Week 3

British Shorthair Kitten Development You will start to notice more activity now that the kittens have reached week 3 as they sleep less and want to play more, also 4 things have taken place: 1. Ear Development. Ear canals are now completely open. 2. Digestive System. Kittens can voluntarily eliminate as their digestive system is […]

New Born Kittens Development – Week 2

British Shorthair Kittens By now you should have noticed that your newborn kittens are developing at a very fast pace. I have also noticed kittens starting grooming themselves. At two weeks at least 4 things become more prominent: 1. Growth. Kittens are continuing their growth at a very fast rate (around 10 grams per day). 2. […]

New Born Kittens Development – Week 1

British Shorthair Kitten Development During the first week of a kitten’s life, he will be concentrating on feeding and growth. At this point you might be asking yourself a few questions, here are a few answers that might help: 1. When will the newborn kittens open their eyes?  By the second week their eyes will […]

What Your Cat Should Not Eat

British Shorthair Kitten Care A nutritious diet is essential to keeping your cat healthy. In this post we will focus on what you should NOT be feeding your kitten. Here we go… Milk and Dairy Products. Cats love milk right? Wrong, most cats are lactose-intolerant. Their digestive system cannot process dairy foods, and the result can be digestive […]