British Shorthair kittens

All our British Shorthair kittens are reared in a loving home with children. They leave GCCF Registered (non-active unless previously agreed), fully vaccinated, microchipped, health checked, dewormed, defleaed, insured for 4 weeks with Petplan, weaned, litter trained and with full pedigrees. All our kittens are fed on Royal Canin Baby Cat.

British Shorthair kittens Colours:

Queen: Petal
Expected colours: lilacs and blues

Queen: Poppy
Expected colours: blue, lilac, colourpoint, chocolate and a good chance of cinnamon. Poppy is ticked based so she has a clear coat with no shadow spotting, she will pass this on to some of her kittens.

Available Kittens:

*NEW*  Petal’s kittens were born on  October 25th and will be ready for their permanent homes from January  24th.
Colours available:
 3 lilacs, 2 blues

Sex: 2 lilac boys, 1 lilac girl, 2 blue girls.

£ 200 Deposit (non-refundable)
£ 650 Non-Active
£ POA Active

Details for our next litter

A home with a British Shorthair is a happier home. Muffin & Poppy would love every loving home in the world to have one of their gorgeous kittens. To find out if you qualify to adopt one of their kittens or would like more information, please contact us. Muffin and Poppy take the well-being of their kittens very seriously so please expect an interview and to meet the kittens. You will be awarded a kitten if Muffin & Poppy feel you meet their standards and after a non-refundable deposit is paid.

New Owner Information:

Important information you need prior to collection

  • Muffin & Poppy’s Kitten Care Guide to find out about your pet’s preferences.
  • Muffin & Poppy’s Spaying/Neutering Agreement. You will also need to complete and sign the Spaying/Neutering Agreement document and bring it with you on your pick up date.

New Keeper (No Petlog Transfer Code needed)
Please complete the Transfer of Keepership form to record a microchipped pet on the Petlog database to your name.

Interview Questions
These are some basic questions Muffin and Poppy might ask you.


Thank you for choosing Muffin and Poppy.

What people are saying:
Beautiful kittens, amazing and responsible breeders. Cats and kittens are very well looked after” 5* – Jerri-Leigh Lane

No doubt they love and care for these cats. 100% stunning kittens!! Our Bluebell came back to its new home litter trained and so well behaved and settled in and can not imagine her not part of our family” 5* – Janine Cassidy