The De Souza Family

Hello from The De Souza family – Eric, Angela, Daniel and Amy. Lorah-Kelly and Jordan are also a part of our awesome family but have grown up and left home already. Lorah-Kelly is responsible for the stunning photography on our website through her business Strawberry Studios.

Eric is currently studying for his BA in Theology so that he can become an ordained Baptist pastor. He is also a brilliant guitarist and teaches music in his spare time. Eric also heads up Muffin & Poppy.

Daniel is the one responsible for all the cute names of our kittens, he is only 10 years old but has an amazing imagination and comes up with fantastic names for each and every kitten. Amy who is 7 years old just loves spending hours sitting with the kittens and cuddling them until she and the kittens all fall asleep from too much love!

Angela shares her office with our kittens as runs her businesses, Women’s Business Club  and Maximise. Angela is often distracted with taking cute kitten photos on her phone rather than working!

As you can probably tell, we all love cats and kittens so you will be sure to get very loved up kittens from our home. Our current queens are Poppy and Petal and our stud is Muffin.

The De Souza Family

Author: Eric De Souza

Hi, I’m Eric, and I love our British Shorthair cats. I am husband and a father and in my spare time, I like to read, play the guitar and explore the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

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